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Time with your physician

Naturopathic Doctor

We're happy to bid farewell to the standard 5 minutes with the doc! At our clinic, you will be given, just you and the doctor, uninterrupted. This allows for a thorough look at you and your health history in order to uncover the underlying, root cause and to actually listen to what you have to say. In turn, a comprehensive, individualized health care plan is created... a new, holistic, health path forward. Come experience naturopathy, we think you'll be glad you did!

Natural Medicine

We use nature as our guide...

Many natural tools are used to improve health & prevent disease at our clinic including botanical medicines, functional nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, & lifestyle counseling. Standard & specialty functional medicine labs are used as additional tools as is necessary.


We also regularly refer our patients for acupuncture, counseling, IV therapy and body work. Because we believe it takes mother nature & a village to heal!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Just breathe...

We offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a powerful way to fuel the body with the most essential element on earth... oxygen! This therapy is used for a variety of health conditions and encourages the body's innate healing power. Health imbalances ranging from fatigue, autoimmunity, chronic infection, gut problems, neurological disorders and many others may improve with the use of oxygen. So go ahead, take a deep breath!

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